Personal Effectiveness Workshop

Personal Effectiveness Workshop
Practical application of the skills and insights required to think and act as a business leader.
This workshop takes students to their next level of competence in solving real and immediate business challenges. Participants return to their work place with:
  • Greater understanding of the decision-making process
  • Enhanced insight into improving their personal decision-making capability
  • Increased options for approaching their most immediate business challenges
Workshop Benefits
  • Build business problem solving skills through development of a higher level of understanding of the four key elements of the business communication process.
  • Learn how to recognize and avoid the most common pitfalls of everyday business communication.
  • Master the skills required to quickly simplify a complex business problem and bring it to the best possible resolution, even while under time and delivery expectation pressure.
  • Apply the learning to develop immediately actionable options for approaching current business challenges on return to work
Who Should Attend
  • Any of the Following:
  • Mid-level or senior-level managers
  • Individuals being groomed for a director or manager role in IT
  • Staff who regularly interact with senior line of business managers and sponsors
Topics Include

How are you doing?

30 days before attending this workshop (either through attending the 4-day Emerging IT Leader Program, or through a prework assignment) you committed yourself to a set of goals that would drive business results. How did you do and what did you learn? What do you need help or guidance with to proceed? This session will add a new practical level of refinement to your ability to objectively assess your performance and communicate to others.

What’s the real problem? How to navigate to the heart of the issue quickly and effectively.

Superb problem-solving skill is a key characteristic of leaders. But the way that we and our clients and stakeholder communicate with each other can prevent us even understanding the problem, let alone how to solve it. As a business decision-maker, you need to be able to dissect the communication process into its four key components and be able to identify and master the different skills required for each component. This session will explain why many business interactions end in mutual misunderstanding and provide you with the insights and skills needed to quickly get to the unambiguous heart of the problem every time.

Case study: applying the skills

Working in teams, students experience a real-life case study which illustrates the pitfalls of everyday business problem-solving. They compete to quickly simplify a complex business challenge and bring it to the best possible resolution while under time and delivery expectation pressure. Just as in everyday business they must work together to develop the best possible approach. It seems that success is dependent on how much you know but in reality the team that best applies the skills they have learned in today’s workshop will navigate to the answer and win the day.

Identifying the next steps

The learning from this workshop is highly practical and tactical. What are you going to do to make immediate use of it to drive measurable action toward your personal and organizational goals? This session takes you through a collaborative process that will allow you to identify real choices and actions to apply to your most urgent and immediate actual (not hypothetical) business challenges!

Testimonials for the Business Decision Workshop

This is probably one of the most interesting and engaging courses that I have attended in years. The advantages of asking questions ‘why’ and using others to define and solve issues, are keys to success.
Powerful course. Assisted me with creation of new toolbox for leading, being a better change agent. Great facilitators. One of the best class interactions.
Loved how we got to take real live issues and apply skills that we have learned as well as walking away with solutions.
The group discussion sessions were very helpful. It provided me with tools I can take back and utilize for issues I’m facing with my team.
I enjoyed sharing experiences and hearing what others have been doing / learning. Working with the group to discuss and help each other resolve and build a plan was excellent. I found that extremely valuable.
Personally and professionally very helpful. This was an excellent opportunity to hear other IT people with the same challenges and solutions.
I really appreciated the group work focus on first articulating the issue and then later re-stating (forcing good listening) and resolution. Great to give and take. Really great collaboration!
Excellent summary and group exercises on how to bring back what we’ve learned to our organizations.
I have met people who are in the same stage in their career and learning from their experience is more powerful than theoretical or presentation style material.

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