Advanced IT Leader Program

Advanced IT Leader Program
Prepares senior IT managers and directors for a move to the next level of leadership.
In a time of fast-paced, continual, and disruptive change, the expectations of IT leadership have never been greater, their challenges never more complex. Using the Leaders Beyond “Mentor-Based Learning” approach, Senior IT Leaders will learn to elevate their capabilities and advance their careers, whether in IT or elsewhere in the organization. The program goal is to transform a senior manager into a strategic and innovative senior executive who is able to execute well and get things done: a strong team builder and team player who is effective and impactful in adding value to the business.
Successful participants in this program will understand the evolving role of the CIO and will learn to:
  • Create and confirm their role as an executive team member who is integral to achieving strategic business outcomes
  • Structure and lead the IT organization for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, including productive collaboration with business stakeholders
  • Balance the CIO’s dual accountabilities of enabling innovation and business transformation while operating IT efficiently and effectively
  • Articulate key value drivers for the business, including how these drivers can be impacted by IT and other business functions
  • Enhance their skills as executive decision makers, taking measured risks supported by high-quality value judgments
Program Format
  • 5-day in-class program delivered over two modules (3 days and 2 days), approximately 4-6 weeks apart
  • Graduates complete a final exam to receive a Certificate of Completion
Who Should Attend
  • Experienced IT leaders and CIOs who wish to upgrade their skills and increase their ability to drive organizational results
  • New IT Leaders or those being groomed for a CIO role who wish to accelerate their leadership development
  • Graduates of our IT Executive Leader Program who wish to continue to enhance their skills and effectiveness
Curriculum Overview
Session 1: Introduction
You manage your career and your team in a complex world of continual change. As a senior leader, your responsibilities are greater, and the impacts of your decisions are more far-reaching. Your ability (and responsibility!) to add value to the business is greater than ever before.
  • Understand the business and technology context within which the modern CIO operates
  • Maximize your learning experience by knowing why the program is structured the way it is, and the role of the case study
  • Prepare yourself to leverage the experience of the presenters – industry experts who have “been there, done that” – and that of your fellow participants – other senior leaders who are facing the same challenges and opportunities that you are
  • Know what is expected of you as a program participant
Session 2: The New IT Leadership
The expectations for IT leadership have changed dramatically in recent years. What is expected of IT leadership in your organization? What skills and techniques will position you for success?
  • Understand the expectations, essential skills, and characteristics for senior IT leadership – CIO, CTO, CDO, etc.
  • Understand major IT organizational models – centralized, decentralized, hybrid – particularly in light of the changing IT environment: outsourcing, cloud, etc.
  • Understand IT Governance: how decisions are made
Session 3: The Strategic Executive: An Insider View!
All executives want to be “strategic”, and all organizations hope to be “high-performing” – but how to get there? This session unpacks the jargon, discards the buzzwords, and helps participants achieve these objectives in the real world.
  • Understand strategic thinking and how to achieve maximum IT executive impact
  • Recognize how corporate and personal objectives drive performance
  • Identify and resolve key issues that arise when different corporate objectives appear to be at odds e.g., growth vs. expense
  • Know how to create successful strategic organizational outcomes
  • Understand key leverage points in implementation
Session 4: Successful Innovation and Transformation
Organizations are never static. Business and technology continually evolve, and at an ever increasing pace. IT needs to transform in order to support the business strategy. The innovation agenda is essential to organizational success – and to your success as a senior executive.
  • Understand the innovation agenda: leverage technology to build better business outcomes
  • Understand different types of innovation and critical success factors
  • Manage innovation and risks
Session 5: Excellence from Others – Creating and Leveraging a Strong Organization
We operate in an age of fast-paced, ongoing, disruptive, and overlapping change. Many leaders surround themselves with people of like skills and abilities – in other words, “yes-people”. Others find themselves in a constant state of conflict and disagreement with their team members. Both states are dysfunctional, and are potential career-busters. How do you create an effective organization, and how do you maximize your own effectiveness?
  • Create an effective organization by understanding the key components of high performing teams and how their structures vary at senior levels
  • Examine the way your business is organized and identify new ways to foster cooperation and collaboration
  • Understand commitment and resistance at the executive level
  • Business agility begins – or ends – at the top; know what you can do to ensure success
Session 6: Creating and Sustaining Value – Business Excellence and the Bottom Line
Expectations of IT and the CIO are changing: evolving from operational excellence (which is still necessary, but no longer sufficient) to creating value for the business and for customers. It is critical for executives to have a complete and well-informed understanding of the business value equation and the financial processes to support it. They must know what is important, how to measure it, and how to generate results.
  • Understand: What does “value” mean to the organization and to it’s leadership?
  • Generate: What are the key value drivers? What drives value for the organization, and for it’s customers? How does IT contribute?
  • Measure: How do we measure IT performance? How do we measure value creation?
  • Communicate: How to assess and cascade an understanding of value creation through your team and through the organization
Session 7: Board Room Behaviours – building powerful allies!
Boards and other oversight groups have a critical role in governing your organization, and knowing how to work with them effectively will be critical to your success, regardless of whether you interact with them directly or through others. Understanding boards and mastering the art of influencing them are skills that few people have a chance to learn before they enter the room. This session will help build these skills, avoid surprises, and ensure that your influence and effectiveness increase as a result.
  • Understand the Board Mandate and the numerous challenges faced by board members. What do board members care about? What do they need to know?
  • Identify your opportunities to build power and influence – understanding how the board can help or hinder your success
  • Know how to build specific plans and approaches for presenting to boards and investment teams to get desired results
  • Anticipate common pitfalls and know how to avoid them
Session 8: Execution and deivery – all that really counts in the end
The greatest strategy in the world will fall flat if you are not able to execute effectively. The panel discussion with a selection of CxOs and business leaders gives you the opportunity to hear critical success factors in execution from those who are in the field and making it happen today. What actions can you or should you take to make a difference? How and where do you start? What choices do you have (or not have) and how do you prioritize? This session is both a capstone for the program, and a lead-in to the case study.
  • Develop and assess the steps you need to take to impart real change in your organization
  • Learn how to hold yourself accountable and really get things done
  • Assess your own gaps, and decide the education or skills you need to become a more effective executive
  • Build a step-by-step transition plan for personal success that is realistic and can truly be put into practice
 Session 9: Bringing it all Together – Performing as a Senior Executive
Through the case study exercise, participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness for the role of a strategic and innovative senior executive – a strong team builder and team player who is effective and impactful in adding value to the business.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of all key program concepts
  • Leverage their learnings from the program to solve a complex, reality-based case
  • Gain experience presenting to a Board Member or Senior Executive

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