Education Programs

The Leaders Beyond suite of university-level education programs helps IT professionals take their place at the strategic core of the organization … central to business transformation and growth. Through education, IT professionals will become IT leaders armed with critical business skills and expertise, along with the ability to understand, interpret and respond to today’s business challenges.
Programs and curricula are available to meet the needs of individuals and organizations, and custom-designed programs address unique challenges or key business objectives.
What is your current role, and where do you want your career to go?
Emerging IT Leader Program
Helps IT managers accelerate career success while avoiding common pitfalls and mis-steps.
What does it take to become a true IT leader, contributing to successful business outcomes? This intensive 5-day program is delivered by an outstanding faculty of real-world executives and IT leaders. They share concepts and techniques critical to career advancement, and avoiding common pitfalls and mis-steps … insights the instructors wish they had learned early in their own careers! Gain the benefits of their experience to help you think and act like an IT leader, so you can take the next critical step in your career.
  • Gain new insights into the practical challenges of IT leadership, and the business executive view of IT
  • Develop collaboration and engagement skills for IT and business environments
  • Build skills to make effective decisions, build convincing plans and deliver consistent results
  • Learn to understand and manage customer perceptions and needs
  • Establish and manage expectations and deliver on them with real business outcomes
Advanced IT Leader Program
Prepares senior IT managers and directors for a move to the next level of leadership.
Taking the proven and highly regarded Executive Leader Program to a new level, this newly designed course has been enhanced with brand new material and broadened perspectives from an exceptional faculty of experienced and accomplished organizational leaders. This uniquely practical 5-day program (delivered in 2 modules, approximately one month apart) is designed to help existing IT leaders elevate their capabilities and advance their careers.
  • Confirm your role as a corporate leader, innovator and executive team member who is integral to strategic business outcomes
  • Develop your skill in building and motivating effective teams that get results
  • Build your capability to gain respect and influence outcomes at the organizational leadership and board level
  • Expand your ability to lead IT staff to engage and collaborate with business stakeholders at all levels
  • Enhance effective decision-making and risk mitigation skills at the executive level of the business
Business Decision Workshop
Practical application of the skills and insights required to think and act as a business leader.
This workshop takes students to their next level of competence in solving real and immediate business challenges. Participants return to their work place with:
  • Greater understanding of the decision-making process
  • Enhanced insight into improving their personal decision-making capability
  • Increased options for approaching their most immediate business challenges
IT Business Partnership Program
Provides tools for IT managers and business partners to collaboratively address business challenges.
Where IT, business partners and/or vendors work collaboratively to address a challenge or take advantage of an opportunity, it can only lead to positive business outcomes. This 2-day in-house program provides insights and expertise that enable effective collaboration between business partners for maximum results.
  • Learn to work better together to resolve business challenges
  • Gain deeper insights into the benefits and methods of alignment to business goals
  • Learn techniques to enhance teamwork among business partners
IT Sales Effectiveness Program
Prepares sales and marketing professionals to develop and sustain business outcome-focused relationships with IT leaders.
Successful sales and marketing practitioners recognize that selling effectively to IT decision-makers requires a special understanding of the day-to-day challenges and critical success factors in the IT environment. This 2-day program, delivered by successful, experienced IT leaders, provides knowledge and techniques for initiating and developing senior IT business relationships in private and public sector organizations.
  • Gain knowledge and expertise to develop and sustain productive business relationships with IT decision-makers
  • Learn techniques to develop ongoing revenue streams selling to IT prospects
  • Gain a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges and critical success factors for IT leaders