For over a decade, Leaders Beyond has been training mid-level and senior IT professionals to take their place at the strategic core of their organizations. Students gain a new ability to recognize and clearly demonstrate the business value of solutions they develop and implement.

The business landscape has changed. IT has historically been viewed as just one of many contributors to business operations. Today it has become essential to the success of virtually every organization, fostering real business growth and transformation. But in too many organizations, technology professionals and the entire IT organization are not perceived as such. This perception is fostered by a general lack of broad-based knowledge and skills. IT professionals require these skills to engage effectively with stakeholders across the enterprise and become leaders in the business environment. Leaders Beyond is changing all that!

Transforming IT professionals into business leaders.

Leaders Beyond education programs help IT take its place at the strategic core of the organization … central to business transformation and growth. Through education, IT professionals will become IT leaders armed with critical business skills and expertise, along with the ability to understand, interpret and respond to today’s business challenges. By fostering leaders, the IT organization will effectively address the key challenges it faces in most organizations:
  • Delivery of immediate, measurable business outcomes and contribution to business growth
  • Leadership in enterprise transformation
  • Personal development of IT professionals

Track record of leadership and success

For over a decade, Leaders Beyond has built an exceptional track record of success. More than 1100 students from over 80 organizations have gained the benefits of Leaders Beyond training. Many have gone on to senior positions in business enterprises and the public sector. The success of our unique, proven approach to the transformation of IT professionals into business leaders is based on several key factors:
  • The curriculum has evolved over a decade of leadership training experience
  • Highly-accomplished faculty of instructors with extensive real-world business experience
  • Proven education approach featuring a high degree of teacher/student mentorship and extensive use of case studies
Case study analysis and real-world problem-solving help students gain the skills and knowledge to contribute to immediate, measurable business outcomes. On a more personal level, students learn through mentorship by our experienced faculty. This kind of focused feedback helps students apply learned skills to their own personal and business challenges.