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Empowering Technology Leaders:
Leaders Beyond partners with Schulich ExecEd

Leaders Beyond & Schulich ExecEd Partnership

New Accredited Programs

Schulich ExecEd is thrilled to announce a unique partnership with Leaders Beyond, aimed at elevating the strategic role of IT within organizations. Leaders Beyond is renowned for mentoring IT professionals to catalyze IT’s integration into the core of business strategy, driving transformation, and fostering growth. In this exciting, new partnership, Schulich ExecEd is expanding its leadership development capabilities to help tech leaders gain the business leadership skills required to level up for their future. 

By providing access to cutting-edge tools, comprehensive training, and professional development opportunities, we aim to empower IT professionals to thrive in their roles and make impactful contributions to their organizations. “Collaborating with Leaders Beyond represents a pivotal step in our mission to equip IT professionals with the necessary business skills and mindset to lead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape,” says Rami Mayer, Executive Director of Schulich ExecEd. Further, “By partnering with Leaders Beyond, we are able to provide our IT professionals with comprehensive training programs that bridge the gap between technical expertise and strategic business acumen. This collaboration ensures that teams are well-prepared to tackle the dynamic challenges of the modern business environment, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth for their organizations.”

Launching Two Innovative Programs

Schulich ExecEd and Leaders Beyond will be offering two innovative programs launching in Fall 2024: the Transformative IT Leader Program and the Executive IT Leader Program. Both modules feature eight online sessions delivered interactively over the program period, with each session approximately three and a half hours long. The program includes a major case study, and graduates receive confidential feedback and a certificate upon completion.

Why IT Leadership Matters

In today’s digital age, IT plays a pivotal role in driving business innovation, efficiency, and growth. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and understanding how to leverage IT strategically, organizations can gain a competitive edge and thrive in an increasingly complex marketplace.

“Leaders Beyond is excited to now be a learning partner with Schulich ExecEd, allowing us to better reach those IT professionals wanting to improve their business focus. Through our programs, students can be transformed into business leaders armed with critical business skills and expertise, along with the ability to understand, interpret and respond to today’s rapidly changing business challenges,” says Barry Clavir, CEO Leaders Beyond Inc.

Who Should Attend?

The Transformative IT Leader Program is ideal for mid-level technology leaders who are seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the “business side of the house”. The focus of this program is the shift from technical to business leadership. Participants will learn how to influence outcomes in an organization through a better understanding of the business lens improving their communication capabilities, enhancing their financial knowledge, and understanding their own personal leadership style.

The Executive IT Leader Program is ideal for technology leaders who are new executives or on the executive track. The focus of this program is the shift from functional to enterprise leadership. Participants will explore the executive perspective and improve their knowledge of enterprise strategy and compliance, enterprise risk management, and digital transformation and modernization, all with a lens to improve business outcomes. At the core of any organization is its people, and participants will build a greater understanding of organizational design and leading change in the digital age.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Join us in shaping the future of IT leadership and driving organizational success. Invest in your professional growth and unlock limitless possibilities with Schulich ExecEd and Leaders Beyond. Together, let’s empower tech leaders to lead with confidence and drive impactful change in their organizations.

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